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    Approaching fifty years of experience, Anderson Howard provides unsurpassed performance as a specialty contractor and consultant. As a privately held company, we purpose to build “customer-centric” relationships with local, national and global partners. Cultivating these relationships has helped us create and retain the reputation of being a go to specialty contractor.



    The experienced Anderson Howard team has proven to be excellent at contributing practical knowledge to conceptual design.  Collaborating with  local, national, and global partners, Anderson Howard has helped conceptualize, develop and build a diverse project portfolio. This includes mission critical facilities, world class data centers, higher education, high-rise, energy centers, healthcare, entertainment, financial, hospitality and large campus environments.


    By integrating  software and hardware technology, prefabrication, modularization and product innovation we are able to reduce environmental impacts during construction on through the life cycle of the facility. This knowledge, shaped through highly technical and mission critical ventures, permeates to all projects improving the bottom line while providing a superior end product.



    Our unique combination of practical design experience, strong communication, and systems expertise enables us to provide innovative solutions. Anderson Howard leverages industry leading software and technology across all operations of a project. It flows from back office, to the field, and extends through to post project support. Unique care is taken to incorporate accurate usable data into the model. This empowers each phase: design, construction, and operations to make critical design, cost and constructability decisions. In addition, the Anderson Howard BIM team has extensive expertise in virtual design review and conflict resolution.


    Consistently, our team supports other trades and owners with the integration of various softwares and technologies. A strong understanding of these components gives Anderson Howard the uncommon ability to adapt and connect with various project specific platforms and advanced tools. These methods bring value, increase options, and create a positive and lasting impact for clients and partners.

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